P&P Shipping and Stationers has been providing the office and art supplies to the corporates, colleges and small size businesses for past so many years. We have huge selection of services such as shipping services, stationery and copy services, passport photo and film services, art services etc. At P&P, we believe in providing quality services thereby helping clients with various needs.

Shipping Services

We have been providing Shipping services to the corporates, SMBs, education institutes and many more. We use FedEx Express, FedEx Ground and UPS courier providers for better handling and tracking of your package. Our Shipping services includes packing peanuts, bubble wrap, shipping boxes of various sizes, packing tapes, envelopes, stamps and shrink wrap etc. We are your trusted partners for package delivery.

Stationary & Copy Services

We are the leaders in supplying stationery and copy services from office supplies to art supplies. At P&P, we are bound to deliver quality material whether it’s bulk or retail supply. Our stationery and copy services includes pens, notebooks, color copies, black and white copies, internet café, ink cartridges, art, acrylic and oil paints, color paper, portfolios etc.

Art Supply Services

P&P Shipping and Stationers is your source for quality, professional artist materials and superior customer service for last 10 years. We have a curated selection of art supplies from New York Central, one of the world’s oldest and best known art supply stores. Our top art supply items includes stickers, paint colors, paint brushes, starthmore etc.